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Five MORE tips to go vegan (PT 2)

Updated: May 6

Here we go with an additional five tips to make a seamless transition. Be sure to check out part one, too!

Tip 1 - Remember your why

As I have mentioned before, eating vegan really isn't that hard. Especially in our current time and with more demand for vegan options from the mainstream, we have lots of options at our fingertips. But if you are having a challenging time, with say certain cravings, or struggling to substitute foods, remember your "Why." That is, remember why you decided to go vegan in the first place. Is it because you received a bad report from the doctor, you want to lose a few pounds, is it for ethical reasons? Whatever your reasons are, they are completely valid. It's okay if you come across certain feelings or cravings, that is only natural. But sometimes all you need to do is gently remind yourself, re-gain your focus, and push forward. It does become easier, and oftentimes the starting part is initially the hardest part. But once you get started, you won't look back and you will be glad that you persevered.

Tip 2 - Adjust your tastebuds

Exactly what this says, and it might sound a little weird, but it's essential. If you think about it, you have been eating a certain way, and eating the same foods and dishes for probably your whole life. Your foods have been seasoned and cooked the same way, too. You have your favorites, and your tastebuds have been acclimated to certain tastes. I recommend getting a few recipes under your belt and eating the foods that you enjoy that don't include meat, dairy, or eggs. Use your seasonings and sauces for flavor. Understand, that adjusting your tastebuds to new flavors is really a thing. Whole, plant-based, vegan food dishes and recipes are delicious and flavorful, but understanding that you are essentially eating different foods and those are going to have a different taste than what you are normally used to. It's not about what you can't eat, but rather what you can eat. You have a whole new world of foods opened up to you.

Tip 3 - Food prep

It might at first seem like it might be a pain or too time consuming, but prepping your food or your meals are a significant help and is essential to keeping with eating with ease. It's quite easy, and actually kind of fun. Set some time aside during the week or weekend, whatever is convenient. I usually will do mine on Sundays as that is when I have the time, energy, and focus, to do so. The amount of time for you will vary, as it depends how much you need to prep. Are you prepping just for yourself, or for an entire family? I tend to cook my beans, quinoa, make my soup, hummus, and cut up veggies all on Sunday, with a pre-soak of beans on Saturday. Yes, I buy organic dried beans - which gives you more bang for your, errr, um, bean. Store your prepped food in clear glass containers, which will be easy to see and grab. This way you can easily add your things to make a salad, meal, or snack. It really is a lifesaver which saves you time, ease, and keeps you from reaching for an unhealthy snack.

food prep is essential

Tip 4 - Read

Sounds simple enough, but such a great reminder to simply read. Read up on the internet, search for recipes, read blog posts, check out books from the library. There is something out there for you to read to gain further insight. Ask for recommendations, too. But knowledge is power, and if this is something that you feel strongly about and something that you want to accomplish, you can do lots of reading on it and learn something about your health, the benefit to animals, and the impact of the environment. Over the course of my journey, reading has provided me with the knowledge and tools that I have and it's made me wiser and better for it and I can pass that along to you.

Tip 5 - Get connected

Getting connected can be one of the best things that you can do when going vegan. You will be able to connect with like minded people to which you can help, inspire, and cheer each other on. Connecting with people in the vegan world can really help you if you have questions or want to share your experiences. There are tons of groups to be found on Facebook for example, but be proactive in finding a group that you like and want to be in. Feeling connected is always nice, so it's important that you stick with a group that is only benefitting you. Don't be afraid to leave a group and join another, or find multiple groups. But the bottom line is to find a group that you like. Instagram is a good platform too, you can find inspiration daily, and recipes, too. You can also follow ME on Facebook and Instagram, too!

There you have it. Five more essential tips that I can offer you when transitioning to vegan. It really is easier than you think, you simply need to have the knowledge and the tools to make that leap. I never ever thought in a million years that I would be vegan. True story. I was always going to be vegetarian, yes, but making the connection of the total impact swayed me to going full vegan. If I can own it, then I know you can, too. And you will feel like a million bucks! As always, please feel free to share your thoughts. Email me, message me, visit me on Facebook - I want to hear from you.

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