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Sustainable and eco-friendly gift wrapping.

Updated: May 6

I'm becoming more conscious of not only my spending habits, but I question if my purchase is going to unnecessarily harm the environment. I really do try to avoid buying plastic, (especially single use!) but I know that certain items are out of my control. There is nothing more annoying than exchanging gifts and have the wrapping be full of harmful tape, plastic bows and shiny paper that is sprinkled with glitter - only to have it be tossed aside and take up residence in our landfils and beaches. Yuck, it's so bad for our environment. But wouldn't it be great to give a gift that is so thoughtfully and lovingly wrapped? With that in mind, I wanted to share some really beautiful ways to exchange gifts without harming the environment. I hope you enjoy them and like what you see to try them out for yourself.


Japanese Furoshiki is beautiful gift wrapping using fabric. You can wrap your gifts in any kind of fabric like a scarf or tea towel. They are quite lovely and so useful, too, and is considered good manners in Japan for using Furoshiki. And if anyone knows me, they know that I have quite a collection of vintage scarves that I have bought over the years. They are just perfect for what I am about to show you. And the colors and prints are fantastic and truly one of a kind. It's rare these days to come across such treasures in thrift stores, so I have a hard time parting with them. But since I have so many, why not enjoy incorporating them into the gift giving?

Check out these that I made based on Furoshiki from my vintage scarf collection.

I really love how easily they are put together and presented so beautifully. Especially so easy when wrapping a book to give as a gift, like in this yellow and gold scarf. Gifts can come in neutral colors.

Or in really bright fun colors and prints as well.

I took inspiration from this easy to follow video. DIY it in the next gift that you give.

Craft Paper and Nature

Another great way of eco-friendly wrapping is to do away with that store bought wrapping paper and use craft paper (or paper bags from pandemic shopping,) or even old fashioned newspaper. It's great to reuse what you already have at home. And instead of traditional cello bows, try using hemp or cotton twine instead. Another cool way is to bring nature into the mix and explore what you have in your yard and woods by adding some pine cones, twigs, and a bit of greenery. It might seem a bit out of the ordinary at first, but with a little bit of experimenting and creativity, you can come up with really nice packaging that costs little to nothing, is better for the environment, and is lovely and one of a kind. There is lots of inspiration around you if you seek it.

Try this less-is-more kind of wrapping and use what nature has to offer.

Did you know that washi tape is bio-degradeable? Washi tape is usually made out of rice paper, bamboo and hemp, which are all sustainable. Instead of using traditional tape in your wrapping presents, consider using washi tape. You will find a wide range of washi tape - from single color, multi colored, animals, scenes, labels, outer space, Halloween, fruits and vegetables - whatever you can think of, I am sure there is a washi tape for that. So if you are giving a birthday gift or one during holiday gift giving, consider using washi tape to adhere that paper.

A little festive and thought the star cookie cutter was a nice useful addition.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you during this holiday season and for your future gift giving throughout the year. No more wasted money on paper, unnecessary tape and plastic bows that end up in our oceans and landfil - this is the way that I will be giving all of my gifts from now on and I hope you will give it a go, too.



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