What do YOU wish for 2019? Change and growth for the better is always good.

As we are now coming to a close for 2018 (can you believe it?) I find myself thinking about what I want to see happen in 2019. Now, honestly, I am not really one for New Years resolutions, but I alway seem to reflect back on this past year and think about what I envision for myself for the upcoming year. Admittedly, I have had some disappointments, set backs, and struggles - but all have taught me something about myself. Embracing these things (I am not referring to traumatic events,) leaves me with no other options than to put a period behind it, move forward, and keep on keeping on. Really though, it's so much better than the alternative of being stuck and powerless.

While thinking about what I was going to write for this weeks blog, I had jotted down a few ideas but nothing was really grabbing me. Especially since we only have less than two weeks of 2018, and then we will be welcoming 2019. Where the heck is the time going? It's scary how fast time is flying. So, no time like the present to start with a clean slate, fresh start, and set things in motion.

What do you wish for 2019?

Eat better for health

My motivation to eat better doesn't really come from a place of wanting to lose weight. It might for some, particularly if you have quite a bit of weight to lose, but my goal is always to eat better. I think if I were to drop a couple of pounds, I would welcome it, but I am not really focused on it. I feel the best I have ever felt to date and all of my numbers are exceptional according to my Naturopath. But I think there is always room for improvement. I am not perfect, and I don't want to stress on it by any means, but I do have a couple of weaknesses, ahem, like chips. I am the first to admit it. There is something about the crunch and salt that I enjoy. Some crave sweets, I crave salt and crunchy. I am going to rewire my tastebuds then. I need to adopt a replacement, so I am cracking down and going to stay away and not reach for them out of convenience. In addition, it's not about what I am NOT eating, but what I need to eat MORE of. I eat fruit, but I'd like to add more fruit in to my days for sure. Fruit in the morning on my oatmeal, usually a piece of fruit for a snack after that, and if I have a smoothie, there is always fruit in that, too. But it's not enough. I don't have smoothies every day, so my intention is to incorporate more fruit. Plus, waffles. I love waffles, and waffles and fruit never disappoints.

Move more, be still, and listen

I enjoy my walks along my street in my neighborhood. It's pretty quiet here, so soaking up the solitude and walking along where there is an abundance of trees and water flowing is a 360 of my immediate neighborhood in San Diego. Sure, we had trails there and the trail climbing in the mountains were always nice close options. But it's different here on the east coast. And, we have winters that need to be dealt with. However, I really do like the fact that I can just lace up my sneakers and head out the front door, down the driveway, and go for my walk. No crossing streets, fighting cars, or looking out for traffic. Now that the weather is a lot colder, but thankfully no snow yet, it can be a bit harder to get motivated to go outside. The important thing for me though is to just move. Whether it's going for that walk, getting out in the front yard with the dog, or staying indoors and moving with yoga. By all means, I am not a fancy yoga person, but I love the calmness and movement of it. It relaxes me, and I go at my own pace and flow. It's something that I need to be more consistent with as sometimes I don't feel as stretched as I should be. On the flipside of this, is sitting still and being quiet. Getting centered and taking a breath. You can call it meditation if you want, I will refer to it as getting quiet. Reflecting, focusing, breathing, letting go, and listening. Handling stress well is not always and easy feat by any means, but when it creeps up its ugly head, I will be ready.

Goals and ambitions

Those mentioned above are my year long goals and things that I set out to incorporate on a consistent basis. But then there are those bigger goals and ambitions that I really want to complete that although are much larger they are completely doable. A method that I find to be helpful and that is a little easier is to list the things that you want to do or achieve and prioitize them. For instance, is there one that is more important to get done before the others? Does one cost money to complete that you might not have right now, but will later? Can you only complete this one goal at a certain time? Like a class, or a trip? Would completing one goal take less time than the others and you can cross it off your list? Whatever they might be, write them down. What is doable now so that you can check it off. The important thing is to not give up, but to work hard and smart and achieve those goals.

Keep on keeping on

I know that I need to either do less of or more of, and I am pretty determined to get these back in to my life. It's all been a learnig curve though and finding out, sometimes the hard way, of what works, and what doesn't work. I've had some serious changes these past few years that I have had to adapt to, not always happily, but I am pretty resilient. Remember though to be absolutely happy with who you are, that is most important. If there is something that you would like to change, then change it. You can't drive a parked car. Be kind to yourself, and be compassionate. Be a giver. Be thankful. Be creative. When you prioritize yourself - your health, your goals, your time, your dreams, and your ambitions - everything will fall in to place.

If you want to share with me your wishes for 2019, let me know!

I would love to hear from you.


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